Friday, November 2, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---
Today was one of those days when I was in the mood to clean.  I do not have this felling usually.  I clean our home because it needs to get done.  But today I was in the zone.  I was determined to get the house clean.  My baby girl had a nice long nap which helped me greatly.  My oldest was helping me until she saw my shoes and decided she was going to try them all on.  I continued and the house is now nice and clean.  For now.
--- 2 ---
This past weekend we went to a pumpkin farm.  My oldest daughter road on a pony for the first time.

--- 3 ---
We did not go trick or treating on Halloween since we went last week.  Plus it was cold.  But my oldest daughter had fun giving out candy.  She would keep looking out the window to see if more children were coming and once she saw someone she would grab the bowl of candy and run to the door.  She is adorable.  We also carved a pumpkin and my oldest was able to paint one too.  

--- 4 ---
I tried a new recipe for beef stew which is cooked with red wine.  It was delicious!  My husband loved it.  I found the recipe at the

--- 5 ---
On the feast of all Saints Day we were trying to decided on a patron saint for our family but we did not make our mind.  So we decided to pray on it.  Any suggestions?

--- 6 ---
I went to vote yesterday.  It was easy and painless.  Done.

--- 7 ---
I came across a video of Scott Hahn speaking about the Year of Faith.  Take a look.  

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  1. Mmm, beef stew sounds good now the weather is starting to cool off.