Friday, March 15, 2013

7 Quick Take (Vol 6)----Habemus Papam!

--- 1 ---
I think we will all remember what we were doing this past Wednesday when we heard, Habemus Papam!  I was preparing dinner for a dear friend who just had her third baby and I looked at the clock and thought, it's 1:30pm, I wonder if the smoke came out white.  So I went to check online at EWTN and sure enough the screen read Habemus Papam!  I ran to turn on my TV and tune in to EWTN.  I know you would all agree it was an exciting moment.  We have been praying for our new Pope for over a month now and when Pope Francis came out I was overcome with joy.  Thank you Lord for blessing us with such a humble Pope.
--- 2 ---
I really like our new Pope Francis.  I am excited!   I like the name he picked (one of my favorite saints), he is so humble and he walks the walk.  Here is a picture I came across of him as Archbishop washing the feet of a mother who just had her baby.

--- 3 ---
Here is another photo of him riding the bus as Archbishop in Argentina.

--- 4 ---
I came across this great picture of Pope Francis with the statue of St. Peter.  

--- 5 ---
Everyone in our family is excited about our new Pope Francis.  My dad was born in Spain but as a young man (age 16) most of his family moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina (side note...some of the pictures I have posted on this blog were taken in Argentina).  So you can imagine that when they announce that the Archbishop of Argentina, Jorge Mario Bergoglio was our new Pope Francis, we were overcome with emotion.  We were all very happy not because of our Argentinien background but for the Hispanic community.     
--- 6 ---
One thing is for sure, we must continue to pray for Pope Francis.  May the Holy Spirit guide Pope Francis as our new leader and protect him from all harm.  Blessed Mother, please intercede for Pope Francis.

--- 7 ---
Here is a wonderful video from Catholic Vote.  Take a look.

¡Hasta Luego! 

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