Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Through the eyes of a child

I enjoy taking my daughter on walks.  She is at awe of how it feels to walk on grass or any other surface.  She pull my hand so we can walk on the grass instead of the sidewalk.  I take her to the park but she does not want to be on the swing.  She want to walk on the mulch.  She want to touch the trees, bushes, flowers, cement, everything else, except the swings.  She is so curious because everything is new to her.  
As adults we sometimes forget the beauty that surrounds us.  But if you take the time to look at the world through the eyes of a child, you definitely can appreciate all the Lord has created and all the blessings one has received.
I remember when a load of laundry was just another chore but not no more.  I actually look forward to laundry day.  My daughter enjoys helping out with the laundry.  She enjoys throwing the dirty clothes down our laundry chute, sort out the dirty clothes, watch the clothes in washer and dryer, fold the clothes and finally putting them away.  Seeing the joy in her face makes laundry day a day I look forward to.  
Children also help you take care of yourself a little better.  They definitely remind you when it is time to eat.  You go to sleep at a decent time because you know they will wake up early.  They keep you fit because they love for you to chase them around.  And they give you all the love they can give from their little heart.  The amazing thing is how much love comes from their little hearts.
What are some ways your little one has help you appreciate life?  Feel free to comment.  Help us see through the eyes of a child.  

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