Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Budweiser Room

You might be thinking, what is the Budweiser room?  Let me explain.  A few months ago we moved into our new home.  Our home was built in 1968 so it is a little bit outdated but it has great bones if you know what I mean.  We look at our outdated home as a white canvas.  We can fix it up to our taste.  But there is one room that I just need to mention which is the Budweiser room.  One of our bedrooms has a mural of the Budweiser logo.  Take a look.    

According to the previous owners, their son (who was a teenager at the time) asked if could paint the Budweiser mural is his room.  As you can see, they agreed.  The amazing part is that the young man painted this mural by hand.  Yes, by hand.  The mother so loving made specialized window valances to match the mural.  Let me clarify, I believe she made it because I do not think they made Budweiser valances in the 70’s.  Plus eBay did not exist at that time.  Check out the valances.  A madres love.  I feel bad taking them down and painting over the mural because it was all done by hand.  So I had to make a tribute. 

Our project this week is to finally paint this room.  It will no longer be the Budweiser room but a prayer/study room.  I am excited!  I think every home should have a special place for prayer time.  It does not have to be a room but a reserved area for prayer.  Plus it is a wonderful example to your children.  It shows you take prayer time seriously and it reminds them (and you) that we all need to take some time to pray. 


  1. Hi Lisette,

    I am so sorry it took me this long to get back to you. I am very humbled that you would like to mention my blog on your site. I would love if you did that and yes, my parents gave their permission. Happy Passiontide.

    In Christ,

  2. Hi Grace!

    No worries. I did mention your blog on a previous post. Since you became a follower I thought it was ok. Sorry about the confusion. Check out the post. It is called, We are all called to be Saints, Yes, even you! God bless.

  3. If you cannot click on the link it is in the blog archive under February. ;-)