Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Check your attitude

Last year (2010) was an interesting year.  We moved out of state with our precious baby girl when she was only 3 months (I do not recommend moving with an infant).  We stayed with my parents (for 5 months) while we looked for a place.  Once we found our home we had to move again.  At least this time we didn’t have to pack everything.  Did we have this planned?  No.  We thought we were all set.  We had our home, updated a few things around the house, had the nursery ready, we were set but life through us a curve ball.  Sometime I would complain.  It can be a challenge moving back to your parents house after 7 years.  Ok, maybe I complained a lot.  I would ask God to help me with my patience.  One day I was loosing my patience and I was trying to stay cool.  So I decided to visit Jesus himself at the Adoration Chapel.  So there I was trying to not be selfish and be present with God.  I complained a little and asked why I was being so impatient.  I had my pity party but I felt at peace.  The Holy Spirit help me realized that I was being blinded by my negative and selfish attitude.  I started to thank God for all His blessing.  Blessing our family with a job, food, shelter, great health and most of all the love from our family and friend.  I thanked God for letting me see that I had nothing to complaint about.  I needed to put on my big girl panties (I think the new term these days is "man up") and be a woman in God's spirit.  
I think we all have our days when we want to feel sorry for ourselves but it is nice to know you have friend, Jesus, who is going to tell you how it is.  He is there to listen to you even when you are complaining about life.  Here I thought I was a positive person, when only negativity was coming out of me.  I had to change my attitude.  With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I was able change my attitude to a positive one.  Now I ask myself every morning, what is your attitude today?  We need to keep our attitudes on check.  I know I do, if not the poor me attitude will appear and she is not pretty.
It is a life lesson I am still working on.  It reminds me of a joke I once herd.  You probably heard it.  It goes like this, if you want to make God laugh tell him your plans.  God knows what is better for us.  Thank God!

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