Thursday, February 24, 2011

The pressure we put on ourselves

One day my husband (who is my best friend) and I were talking about life and the unnecessary pressure we put on ourselves.  I especially see this in us women.  We have this ideal image of what a woman, wife, mother, friend, etc should be.  Plus, the media does not help us.  So we fall into a trap of trying to be someone we are not meant to be.  
I think the problem is that we try to be perfect.  The scary part is that we sometime want to be perfect like God.  Only God is perfect.  We are humans.  We are sinners.  We can never be like God or the ideal image we have in our mind.  Why?  Because we are not perfect.  Once we realize that we are not perfect and release that ideal image from our mind, we don’t have to put up this front anymore.  It is a liberating experience! You feel free!  You actually start to live life.  I speak from experience.  I remember when I was younger, I would try to be this perfect person.  Once I realized (thanks to the Holy Spirit) that I was just kidding myself, I started to appreciate life.  You see, I’m a work in process.  We all are.  The Lord is not done with you or me.  If He was, I would not be blogging and you would not be reading this blog.  So lift up the pressure off your shoulders and live.  Instead of trying to be perfect, practice on being present with the Lord.  You will be at peace.  You will start to live life.        
You might be thinking, yeah Lisette, but my friend has the perfect life.  She is happy.  All her facebook/twitter post are ideal.  Why can I not have that life?  
God has a different path for everyone.  My friend, we all struggle in life.  We can be happy and blessed but we all struggle with something.  Why?  Because we are not perfect.  The Lord has blessed us all with different gifts.  If you are struggling to find or see what gifts the Lord has blessed you with, pray.  Ask the Holy Spirit to help you see and understand the gifts the Lord has given you and how you can put them into practice.     


  1. Very good Lisette! I'm very proud. We are still running the race and the finish line will be when we're with Jesus.