Thursday, February 10, 2011

We are all called to be saints. Yes, even you!

As you all can tell I’m new at blogging.  I was not sure how to start it, design it, etc.  One day when I was trying to figure something out on my blog, I came across another blog called Our Catholic Life.  So I’m checking it out, enjoying the music and read the “about mesection.  Which reads:
“My name is Grace, I am a Roman Catholic, and homeschooled along with my seven brothers and sisters. I was inspired to do this blog because I love to learn and share about the richness of my Catholic faith, particularly the saints, because we are all called to be saints.”
My first thought was, wow it’s a young girl.  When I clicked on the “My Family” tab I found out that Grace is 13 years old and would like to be a religious sister when she grows up.  I was so impressed.  A young girl, serving the Lord through her blog.  So, I became a follower.  Every day Grace will post the Saint of the day and she does a great job.  We could all learn from the Saints.  I know you might think, I’m no Saint, I can never live up to those expectations.  No one is born a Saint.  Like Grace mentions, we are all called to be saints.  When you read about the Saints, you realize they were regular people just like you and me.  St. Paul prosecuted Christians before he converted and now he's a Saint.  I'm not saying to go harm someone.  What I'm saying is Saints have sinned too.  It was in the little ways they serve the Lord and lived their life that made them Saints.  Like Grace with her blog.  
We are all called to be saints (yes I’m talking to you) and we are all called to help one another to be saints.  You can start be learning about the Saints and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you.
You can become a follower of Our Catholic Life and say a little prayer for Grace and her vocation.  Here is the link.
(When you check out her blog, the banner on the right top corner might look familiar ;-) Thanks Grace)  


  1. Thank you for the link to Grace's blog. My 11yo says her voacation is to be a nun.

    I'm a new follower from Catholic Mother's Online…I would appreciate a stop by my blog to return the favor.

  2. For some I reason I missed this post when you published it. It means so much to me to know that someone in the blogging world is inspired through my little blog. I appreciate you praying for my vocation.If you can also add in your vocation intentions my brother who is feeling the call to the Benedictines. Happy Passiontide.

    In His Sacred Wounds,