Sunday, August 26, 2012

I'm not a morning person----no more

I always have admired the madres who wake up early in the morning (before their children wake up) to pray, workout and get ready for the day.  In the last couple of months I have been asking some of my friends (who are mamas) that wake up early what is their secret to get up and going at 5am.  What I discover is that the morning is their own personal time.  I have always been a late night person.  Once our girls are sleeping, my time beings.  I am usually catching up on what I did not finish for the day and once I am done, I begin to wine down for the day which is fine, but I do not workout in my evening routine.  I am just too tired to workout and working out is important for our health.  Another thing that I realized when talking to my friends is that I will not be loosing any time for me if I go to bed early, I will just be changing the time of the day.  So I decided I am going to get to bed earlier to wake up early.  Once I accomplished waking up early, I will add a workout routine in the morning.

As I've been contemplating how to start my morning routine, a couple days ago I was on my Facebook page and came across a post from Money Saving Mom, Making most out of your mornings: Stop saying, "I'm not a morning person".  I click to read on and I was like, OMGosh, it is a sign.  I need to make an effort to wake up early.  I know I will feel great and ready to face the day.  I am going to follow the Money Saving Mom challenge and blog about.  The challenge is to wake up early for 3 weeks.  You must set a time you will go to bed, 5 must things you must do each evening and set a time you will wake up.  I am planning to go to bed by 9:30pm and wake up at 5:15am.  Here are my 5 must thing I must do each evening; which some I already do.

Five evening must-do's:

1. Clean up kitchen  
2. Make lunches
3. 15 min house clean up
4. To-do list for the next day
5. Blog about the challenge

I will start tomorrow morning bright and early at 5:15am.  If you would like to join me, please let me know.  We can support each other.  Any tips will be appreciated.  Tomorrow I will let you know how it went with day one.

Side note.  Please remember that what you read or see here is just a glimpse of my life.  I have my own struggles just like everyone else.  If you could please say a little prayer for my family and I as we strive to grow in grace and holiness.  Thank you.  God bless.

Buenas noches!


  1. You are challenging me to wake up early too! I would love to join you over the next three weeks.

  2. Great!! Thank you for joining me. Do not forget to send me a message when you wake up.