Thursday, August 9, 2012

Making Baby Food

I made baby food!  It was fun and not as bad as I thought.  I made baby food for my oldest daughter but  I would just puree the vegetable I made for the day or I gave her prepared organic baby food but now with two, not everything goes as plan so I decided to make baby food in larger quantities.  My guide was the book, Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron.  It really is a great book because she break it down for you from what you will need to how long to freeze the baby food.  The best part of making your own baby food is the nutrients.  There are no preservatives nor is it water down or processed.  Plus you know it is clean and organic.

Today I prepared (in one hour) carrots, sweet potatoes and avocado.  It really is easy to prepare.  You steam your vegetables, puree and freeze.  Make sure it is organic.  The money you will save on making your own baby food outweigh the cost of going organic.  So here we go.

I washed, peeled, and steamed the carrots for about 15 min.

Next I put the carrots through the food processor.  You can also use a blender.  If the puree is too thick you can use some of the water in which you steamed the vegetable.  This picture is of the sweet potatoes.  I forgot to take a picture of the carrots.  

Once you are done, you place the puree in ice cube trays or a baby food tray.  I found my trays online,  I like these trays because it has a lid which means you can leave the baby food in the tray.  If you use an ice cube tray, you must remove the baby food the following day and place them in freezer ziploc bags.

You do not have to steam the avocado.  You just puree a ripe avocado and freeze it.  And in just one hour I made baby food for over a month.  

I thought I would share my baby food experience for those who might think making baby food is hard.  Not hard at all.  Next, I will be making cereal.    

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