Thursday, September 13, 2012

I'm not a morning person--no more--day 17 & 18

The last two morning I did wake up on time (5:30am) but I did not workout because I had a few things to do.  I did go for a walk yesterday with my daughters.  I realized that a workout does not necessarily have to be what I picture a workout should be which is hit the gym and workout.  There are many opportunities throughout the day where I can workout.  For example: going up and down the stairs, do squats, push ups or use the stand still bike we have in our basement.  Yes, we have a stand still bike in our basement.  My husband set it up for me so I can start using it again since I like spinning.  I just need to get to it.

I also notice that I like to take my time to pray.  I take about 30 minutes.  I pray and read so I am not sure if this too long.  I just really enjoy those 30 minutes for prayer and reflection.

How much time do you spend praying in the morning?

¡Hasta mañana!

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