Monday, July 22, 2013

7 Posts in 7 days, Oh my!

Yes, I have decided to join Jennifer in her 7 post in 7 days challenge.  I thought it would be great idea to join her in this challenge so I can stop procrastinating and start blogging again.

Life has been a little bit off schedule since my last post.  We have had family visit us from out of town, we moved our business to a new location, vacation and some sad news, my father was diagnosed with secondary bone cancer.  The good news is that his radiation treatment helped and he is feeling much better.  There is no cure for secondary bone cancer.  His spirits are down.  My parents live about an hour away from us but we do try to go visit him often.  If you could please keep my father in your prayers.  I would greatly appreciate it.

I have to say Jennifer picked a great week for the 7 day challenge, World Youth Day 2013!  A very exciting week for Catholics.  Make sure you stay tune with EWTN.   Have a great week!  See you mañana.

¡Hasta luego! 

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  1. hello, aku sangat menyukai beberapa artikel,
    dan itu sangat bermanfaat untuk saya baca,
    terima kasih,
    berkunjunglah ke blog pribadi saya :)