Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Five Favorites

I have to warn you this is my first Five Favorites post, so bear with me. 


One of my favorites things this week is the 7 post and 7 days challenge.  It is really keeping me on my toes.  Plus so many bloggers who have joined the challenge......there is so much to read!  Thank you Jen! 


One of my favorite moments today was taking my daughter to her violin lesson.  She really enjoys going to her violin lessons.


Did you have an item on your baby registry that you did not receive but you have always wanted? I did have an item that I did not receive and wanted, a baby carrier.  I know....but I guess my family is not a fan of the baby carrier.  My mom does not like it.  She is old school.  She used a rebozo.  I tried a rebozo but had a hard time with it.  So, I told myself when a baby carrier goes on sale and I mean a great deal, I will purchase it.  And that day came my friends, last week.  I purchased the ergobaby baby carrier.  I am one happy mama.


My new baby carrier! 


Anyone a guacamole fan?  Do I have the recipe for you!  I have discovered Frontera's Guacamole Mix, from Rick Bayless.  All natural and no preservatives.  All you need is 3 avacados, fresh cilantro and Frontera's guacamole mix and you will have a tasty guacamole.  I have done this guacamole so many times and EVERY time it is a hit.  A must for all you guacamole fans.  You will thank me.   


One of my favorite red wines, every week, Alamos, Malbec.  Argentinian wine is just delicious.   

¡Hasta Luego! 


  1. ergo baby rocks! i have to try Argentine wine (in white though) My daughter has been dreaming of violin and well have to do lessons shortly.

  2. Yes, we are enjoying our ergo baby! Your daughter will enjoy violin. We are currently doing Adventures of Violin. Let me know how it goes.